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March 20, 2023 at 2:00:00 AM

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FOMO Asia invites top global speakers, moderates controversial issues, makes meaningful connections, and curates best cultural experiences for all participants.

FOMO Asia is the top Web3 summit in Asia. Its flagship Web3 conference will be landing in Hong Kong, expecting an audience of 1000+ from Web3 enthusiasts, government sectors, VC investors, regional startup founders and entrepreneurs. InvestHK and Hong Kong Tourism Board are supporting organizations. In addition, outside media will be invited to attend, and there will be ample opportunity for cross-platform appearances and interviews. It is a series of events curated by Blockbusters Lab, a top Web3 project incubation platform bringing together Web3 industry practitioners in blockchain technologies, NFT, cryptocurrency trading and metaverse areas across the APAC regions.

Event Details
20-23 March 2023
20 March - Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
21-22 March - Central Area
23 March - Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Language : English and Putonghua

Programme - Main Conference & Panel (23 March 2023)

09:30 Welcome Remarks

09:35 Opening Remarks

09:50 A Hong Kong Perspective to Digital Assets

10:05 Panel discussion - Hong Kong as The Global Web3 Hub: Are We There Yet?
• King Leung, Head of Fintech, InvestHK (Moderator)
• Karena Belin, Co-founder, COO/CFO/RO, AngelHub
• Jerome Wong, Co-founder, Everest Ventures Group (EVG)

10:30 Fireside Chat - The Future of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
• Emil Chan, Co-Chairman, Hong Kong Digital Finance Association

10:50 Is Web3 Dead?

11:10 FOMO Cryptos: Is it Right for VCs to Put Money Into Virtual Assets?

Concurrent - Fireside Chat: Web3 in China
• Leon, Co-founder, CrossSpace (Moderator)
• Kore Su, Managing Partner, Ho Fan Venture
• Philip Yu, Director of Business Development, Matrixport

11:25 How Does Blockchain Impact Creative and Entertainment Industries?
• Doris Fong, Head of Creative Industries, InvestHK

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00 JPEGs: Why Shouldn’t I Just Right-Click Save As?
• Casey Lau, Co-Founder of HKG DAO

14:00 In the Post-FTX Era, How Decentralized Do We Want to be?

14:40 Woman in Web3
• Sunny Ng, Chief Business Development Officer, PANONY

14:45 Is Regulation a Blessing in Disguise?

15:20 Metaverse: How Long Until Mass Adoption?
• Kate Hankcock, Co-founder, Metaverse XYZ
• Keith Rumjahn, OliveX
• Erich Wong, Head of Growth, The Sandbox

15:30 CeFi vs DeFi
• Will Corkin, Co-founder, MANTRA

16:00 FOMO East Asia: A Common Web3 Dream
• Chin Yung Lu, Senior Manager of StartmeupHK, InvestHK

16:00 Web3 for Larger Good: Society and Environment
• Phoebe Poon, Co-founder, Likerland
• Max Song, Co-founder, Carbonbase
• Henry Chan, Co-Founder and Head of Growth and Innovation, Artifact Labs
• Joe Pan, Executive Director & Head of Content, ImpactNFT Alliance

16:30 Game-Fi: How to Make it Work?
• Lionel Sim, Chief Commercial Officer, Livewire
• Dominic Law, CEO, Neopets Meta

17:00 Is Tokenomics a Wishful Thinking?

17:30 Closing Remarks

FOMO Asia Genesis Conference

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