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Fight against climate change and be rewarded.

Growth and Partnerships

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Co-created by Carbonbase and WWF- Hong Kong, we want to help individuals to be carbon neutral. With a strategy to incentivise voluntary carbon offset accelerating decarbonization locally and globally, we are creating a clear road map for individuals to participate in the fight against climate change in ways that are scalable and measurable.

Mission and Vision

Carbon Neutral Networking night

May 6, 2024

RISE Joins the Carbon Neutral Club

Mar 22, 2024

Launching Asia's first digital carbon registry

Aug 30, 2023

HK ESG and Refi welcomes new climate related disclosures for listed companies

May 8, 2023


Access and collaborate with WWFHK. Collect to protect - scan QR code, go online, to sign and collect, when collection is complete you can unlock surprises. Keep protecting the nature and who knows what surprises may come.

Please stay tuned for latest updates.

Collect to protect

Cred can be used on the Ammer platform

Ammer x CRED

for Corporate

for Individual

Calculate your carbon footprint with our 2-minute survey and become climate positive by supporting a certified project of your choice that offsets your CO2 emissions and helps support local communities. 

Carbon calculator

Carbon Neutral Club

We help and reward individuals and companies to be carbon neutral.


For those who opt-in for Carbonbase personal carbon neutrality, WWF HK and Carbonbase will offer an exclusive, and educational/fun social club experience


Partner with TimeAuction for incredible VIP lunches and dinners for club members

In progress

Collect to protect - sign up and collect. Full of surprises.


Carbon Neutral Club website launches

WWFHK Walk for Nature

Ammer x Cred


Advisory Council

We have a strong and resourceful team of advisors to help you reach your goal of carbon neutrality.

We welcome all roles from consultant, advisor, carbon specialist, developer, to intern and many others.

Join our team at Carbon Neutral Club

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