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Looking to stay up-to-date with the latest in green financing and the Refi D5 community? Then you won't want to miss the latest proposal for disclosing climate-related strategies and metrics, recently put forth by the #HKex .

This development has been welcomed by a host of experts and industry leaders from both the #ESG and regenerative financing (#ReFi) communities.

I have written an article with diverse views and contributions from Chloe C. of WWF-Hong Kong, Dominic Varley of Green Token, Professor Thomas C C Wong of China Manufacturer's Association, Dr. Kenny Siu of GBA Carbon Neutralization Association, and Max Song of Carbonbase. Here's what they say about the new proposed mandate:

“The introduction of mandatory climate-related disclosures represents another step forward in promoting climate-related risk management and opportunities for the private sector and the investment community. It will create more opportunities for sustainable finance, as well as encouraging investors to better consider climate-related risks and opportunities in their investment decisions.” - Chloe Cheung

"The HKEX’s proposed changes to the ESG disclosures are a great step forward for Hong Kong. If implemented, the reporting requirements will be in line with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). This is an ambitious goal, especially on the 2-year timeline, but I see this as an opportunity for blockchain and ReFi, more generally. Web 3.0 tools and the community that use them can provide solutions for companies to meet these requirements and, more importantly, take impactful measures to limit their impact on climate change.” - Dominic Varley,

“This is an important and challenging step for SMEs, but it is a necessary step for the environment. While some may have reservations about the increased disclosure requirements, it is crucial that we prioritize the health of our planet and take action to address the impacts of climate change.” - Professor Thomas CC Wong

“This mandate is not only significant for the listed SMEs, but it also helps the Greater Bay Area reach its carbon neutrality goals. Although it may be challenging for some, increased transparency is necessary to address the impacts of climate change and prioritize the health of our planet. As a member of the GBA Carbon Neutralization Association and with years of experience in green financing, I fully support this mandate and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the environment and society as a whole.” - Dr. Kenny Siu

“Creating a strategy and declaring a carbon neutrality goal with a baseline carbon footprint is a crucial new step for Hong Kong in moving towards its 2030 goal. At Carbonbase, we are excited to see this push towards sustainable finance and increased transparency, and we look forward to supporting the listed companies in their journey towards carbon neutrality.” -Max Song

HK ESG and Refi welcomes new climate related disclosures for listed companies

HK ESG and Refi welcomes new climate related disclosures for listed companies

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